Does the mind have little fingers?

and me! Life starts you off in the middle of a sentence – it’s a hypnotic technique, that has you take it for granted.  You get confused and unless you want to make a right mess of the whole thing you do best to just go along with it.  The tide is already moving.  It’s carrying you…oh,it is you.  The water can’t grow any extra limbs to swim against itself.

and Die Dreigroschenoper…and pots to clean!  These things are doing that weird thing that things sometimes do…existing, yes, that’s it.  How dare they?  They’re entitled, I suppose.  Ummm, dear stream of endless occurrence…(wait for response…none heard, continue regardless), could you be so kind as to go back to the start of the sentence for me?  You see, I learnt in school that sentences start with beginnings and big letters and not in the middle with things like ‘and’, so I was wondering if you could just rewind a little bit, and just show me what came before the ‘and’ and then just maybe I could get a bit of a grasp on all of this.  Possible?

and confusion, comes the non-response.  and the stream carries on.  and you dream of growing little fingers inside yourself with which to reach up and peer outside of your eyes and get to see what’s out there. and reach up to grab an overhanging branch, or angel’s wing, and pull yourself clean of this stream and bodiless in the thin air expand outward, bigger and wider, and being thinner than the air, expand to touch and permeate everything.  With your little dreamt fingers.  That get to tickle asteroid’s tails.  Get a breather from that endless stream.  Because you know who you are.  You know who you are.  You are all that.  You are all that you can ever dream up when you imagine all of the universe’s things inside and outside of yourself.

Be glad of your physical fingers – many animals don’t have them and have to grow and evolve into symbiosis with their environment.  We get to render our environment to our will at the pace of will.  In terms of speed, will is to growth as growth is to evolution.  It is evolution cubed.  Fingers created the concept of ‘will’.  But, will is an added layer of hypnotic confusion that can obscure your true nature.  The more complex something is, the less likely that it will all align elegantly with itself, but it is always possible, with any level of complexity.  Humans are very complex beings.  Each layer of complexity like another joint that must be aligned if the being is to stand straight upright.

We get so we can only move things, and ourselves, with fingers anymore.

In a mindful practice of yoga asanas, one can really be struck with the directness of muscular movements.  In a downward dog hands are flattened to the floor in front of the head, thus straightaway eliminating them as available tools for pushing the heels also toward the floor.  There is no more middle-man to action.  The self operates itself.  The mind is empty, the muscle is activated.  It activates itself.  By itself.  With itself.  That is the perception.  Direct.  As itself, alone, in a still sea of universe.

Exhale; you are that.


About lotusquotus

I came across myself one day, almost by accident, and promptly realised I was trapped inside it, and outside it, and all about it. At first this struck me with a spurt of panic as one can well imagine, but little by little I began to make peace with this oddest of predicaments. I decided it best to accept the situation and to make the most of it by cleaning and decorating myself and making it a nice place to be. Those moments still appear when my mind is spun back to that original panic and I want to break free of myself. Yet overall, and more and more as time goes on, I am tending slowly, gingerly and peacemakingly towards the inevitable conclusion: I am myself.
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