101 Things to Blog About (episode 1 of 5)

Here are 101 topics that I would like to turn into blog posts if I had the time… or somebody paying me to do it 🙂

In no special order, these are the first 20:

1 How different life paths/ideals relate to different grammatical tenses.

2 Why you should cultivate a belief in more.

3 A new model of communication; express experience rather than opinion.

4 Yoga for the mind; increased mental flexibility allows you to reach any position, then return to centre.

5 Yoga for the mind; increased mental strength allows you to hold your centre while the world moves beneath and about and above you.

6 Personal Tales; On running away to join the circus in Belfast (and running back home on my hands).

7 Personal Tales; On running away to join a monastery in France (and meeting myself).

8 On seeing beauty; a how-to guide.

9 What are people’s levels of personal fulfilment in their work (with an opinion poll)?

10 Personal Aspirations; On running away to join an Ashram in India (and floating back home).

11 On “how strange it is to be anything at all” – the ‘holy shit I exist!!’ phenomenon.

12 The Tao of intelligence structures; schematic hook systems and emptiness.

13 “What am I going to do with my life?” “Live it, I hope!”

14 Singing to plants and making humms.

15 Excercise your voice – Sing like a crazed child!

16 How to know what you (or your kids!) really want to ‘do’ with your life and why the most unspeakable, seemingly over-ambitious aspiration that you dare not even consider is in most cases the best one by far to go for.

17 1001 possible things to blog about.

18 The mathematics of the movements of the moon (and my enjoyment thereof).

19 On being good to one another; If a chimpanzee has about 96% the same DNA as me, another human is practically me, just very very VERY slightly different!

20 A new model of communication; When someone speaks, hear what they mean, not what they say.



About lotusquotus

I came across myself one day, almost by accident, and promptly realised I was trapped inside it, and outside it, and all about it. At first this struck me with a spurt of panic as one can well imagine, but little by little I began to make peace with this oddest of predicaments. I decided it best to accept the situation and to make the most of it by cleaning and decorating myself and making it a nice place to be. Those moments still appear when my mind is spun back to that original panic and I want to break free of myself. Yet overall, and more and more as time goes on, I am tending slowly, gingerly and peacemakingly towards the inevitable conclusion: I am myself.
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