101 Things to Blog About (episode 2 of 5)

20 more things that I would like to blog about!

21 Caution: the mundanity of office environments may induce mystic fervor and ecstatic hallucination.

22 A comicstrip of characters living in an inside-out world; a sphere of air with the earth surrounding on all sides.  It’s lit by fireflies!

23 Motivational-types like to talk about the state of ‘flow’, well what about the lesser discussed state of ‘non-flow’; when it’s just not happening and you’re really not feeling it!  Those who are successful in life are the ones willing to put up with this state for a long time before anything decent finally happens.

24 Part of my ‘On being a total square’ series: I think wild drunken parties should happen in the daytime.

25 Your difficulties are blessings: After over 20 years of regular nightmares I’ve finally worked out how to avoid them.  It involves rigorous self-discipline and purification, which has the side-effect of bringing me closer to God.

26 Your difficulties are blessings: If it weren’t for the extreme crappiness of most jobs, I reckon I would not be anywhere near as motivated to do something substantial, real and rewarding with my life.

27 Upon wondering what variety of possibly rather odd people might make up my blog’s target audience.

28 The many rooms of consciousness and opening your ears wide to listen for their access codes.

29 What is disagreement? And how can it result in a feeling of cosmic aloneness.

30 Nosis Open Source Intelligence Software (NOSIS) – the world’s next big idea, capable of doing for our minds what open source technology does for our computers.  You heard it here first!

31 Yogic principles – yamas, Ahimsa (non-violence); The other day I found myself raging a full-on battle on the futility of fighting.  Dear me.

32 Yogic principles – yamas, Satya (truthfulness); When I was 6 my teacher asked the class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?…and you can’t all be astronauts!” Circus performer has long been my astronaut.  It took a long time to be truthful about it.

33 Yogic principles – yamas, Asteya (non-stealing); “Hey it’s a free world man (…peace and love, etc)!” “In that case, how come I have to pay for you!?”

34 Yogic principles – yamas, Aparigraha – (non-attachment); If you don’t try to own me, you get to keep me…for now.  The bi-oscillating waves of my relationship being caused by this principle’s comings and goings.

35 Yogic principles – yamas, Brahmacharya (consciousness of sexual energy); a song of mine about sex and god.

36 Yogic principles – niyamas, Saucha (self-purification); I’m moving house next month.  A real purifying process.

37 Yogic principles – niyamas, Santosha (contentment); I was content as a child.  I believe I will be content again in old age.  In the meantime I’m too busy striving for Santosha. (But I’m ok with this)

38 Yogic principles – niyamas, Tapas (self-discipline); Breakfast at 5am, sleep again until 6am, up for yoga.  People think I’m mad.  But when I find a more elegant daily solution to knowing I’m alive and will die, I’ll follow that one.

39 Yogic principles – niyamas, Svadhyaya (self inquiry); I was a master jigsaw puzzler as a kid, always seeking puzzles with more and more pieces to solve.  I still continue this with all my disparate bits of self – new ones cropping up each day to solve and integrate into the whole.

40 Yogic principles – niyamas, Ishvara pranidhana (surrender to the Absolute); Resistance is futile. I can see the lightbeams streaming from your pineal gland already!


About lotusquotus

I came across myself one day, almost by accident, and promptly realised I was trapped inside it, and outside it, and all about it. At first this struck me with a spurt of panic as one can well imagine, but little by little I began to make peace with this oddest of predicaments. I decided it best to accept the situation and to make the most of it by cleaning and decorating myself and making it a nice place to be. Those moments still appear when my mind is spun back to that original panic and I want to break free of myself. Yet overall, and more and more as time goes on, I am tending slowly, gingerly and peacemakingly towards the inevitable conclusion: I am myself.
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