101 Things to Blog About (episode 5 of 5)

The final installment:

81 Communication and Communion; bridging the gap between us.

82 The relativity of truth; what is true for you is all a matter of what you are in rapport with.

83 Absolute truth; those who fully understand this relativity of truth know absolute truth.

84 Musical composition; how to build your compositions out of processes that allow them to grow themselves.

85 The JS Bach Principle of Creativity; using rules that restrict habitual areas of creative flow to enable new non-habitual areas to flow.

86 The organic properties in ‘true’ music, eg. fractal structure, balance, beauty.

87 True music operates across a multiplicity of consciousness frequencies (as do organic structures).

88 Consciousness frequencies; what are they? – The many colours of the ‘truth spectrum’.

89 Worry; gaining an understanding of it.  What is it and what does it do?

90 Choose one: a) Diving in…totally and completely?  b) Diving in? Totally and completely!

91 Humans use their bodies as personality interfaces.  Odd, no?

92 Communication: Since there is no truth but the truth of truthlessness, in true communication to say that x is y really means: “Come join me in the place where x and y appear to align.”

93 The reasoning behind this 5 part blog post: Give your ideas away. Have faith in the bottomlessness of your creativity and the infinity of ideas. Strengthen your creative muscles.

94 Sweetspots, stretch zones and the blackjack principle in nature.

95 Traditional western and eastern opposite methods of emotional management and their modern-day harmful counterparts.

96 Listen to music so as to know silence.

97 At the European Juggling Convention where people all around me are manipulating their bodies and various objects into all kinds of shapes patterns and movements, I sit and meditate.  Meditation is a direct manipulation of one’s own nervous system.

98 Perhaps early priests were so spiritually fulfilled they cared not for matters sexual.  Today’s priests, whose lifestyles in no way makes up for the lack of such a fundamental bodily principle still hold onto the now wholly redundant tradition.

99 It is a virtue to be able to find specific examples of general principles.  Find ten examples of this.

100 I’ve been studying up on the science of stretching and flexibility.  Ancient yogic practices seem to tick all the boxes of what works well.

101 Standing on a beach looking out at the horizon where the sea meets the sky, something opens up spontaneously within me that all of my meditations, musings and complete belief in magic could not open whilst in the city.  Shut down your computer, abandon other plans and go to a place of natural beauty.  Go there now and be there.  That is all.


About lotusquotus

I came across myself one day, almost by accident, and promptly realised I was trapped inside it, and outside it, and all about it. At first this struck me with a spurt of panic as one can well imagine, but little by little I began to make peace with this oddest of predicaments. I decided it best to accept the situation and to make the most of it by cleaning and decorating myself and making it a nice place to be. Those moments still appear when my mind is spun back to that original panic and I want to break free of myself. Yet overall, and more and more as time goes on, I am tending slowly, gingerly and peacemakingly towards the inevitable conclusion: I am myself.
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