Student drone army

I came across a study skills article which I have quoted below. 

My comment is still awaiting moderation:

“Education is the foundation of our nation’s future, which is why it is essential that you obtain one before you begin to live your life.”

Nation before Life. Good advice for building a drone army.

It’s great that you encourage learning, but I suggest being a bit more careful with your wording.

– Lotusquotus

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101 Things to Blog About (episode 5 of 5)

The final installment:

81 Communication and Communion; bridging the gap between us.

82 The relativity of truth; what is true for you is all a matter of what you are in rapport with.

83 Absolute truth; those who fully understand this relativity of truth know absolute truth.

84 Musical composition; how to build your compositions out of processes that allow them to grow themselves.

85 The JS Bach Principle of Creativity; using rules that restrict habitual areas of creative flow to enable new non-habitual areas to flow.

86 The organic properties in ‘true’ music, eg. fractal structure, balance, beauty.

87 True music operates across a multiplicity of consciousness frequencies (as do organic structures).

88 Consciousness frequencies; what are they? – The many colours of the ‘truth spectrum’.

89 Worry; gaining an understanding of it.  What is it and what does it do?

90 Choose one: a) Diving in…totally and completely?  b) Diving in? Totally and completely!

91 Humans use their bodies as personality interfaces.  Odd, no?

92 Communication: Since there is no truth but the truth of truthlessness, in true communication to say that x is y really means: “Come join me in the place where x and y appear to align.”

93 The reasoning behind this 5 part blog post: Give your ideas away. Have faith in the bottomlessness of your creativity and the infinity of ideas. Strengthen your creative muscles.

94 Sweetspots, stretch zones and the blackjack principle in nature.

95 Traditional western and eastern opposite methods of emotional management and their modern-day harmful counterparts.

96 Listen to music so as to know silence.

97 At the European Juggling Convention where people all around me are manipulating their bodies and various objects into all kinds of shapes patterns and movements, I sit and meditate.  Meditation is a direct manipulation of one’s own nervous system.

98 Perhaps early priests were so spiritually fulfilled they cared not for matters sexual.  Today’s priests, whose lifestyles in no way makes up for the lack of such a fundamental bodily principle still hold onto the now wholly redundant tradition.

99 It is a virtue to be able to find specific examples of general principles.  Find ten examples of this.

100 I’ve been studying up on the science of stretching and flexibility.  Ancient yogic practices seem to tick all the boxes of what works well.

101 Standing on a beach looking out at the horizon where the sea meets the sky, something opens up spontaneously within me that all of my meditations, musings and complete belief in magic could not open whilst in the city.  Shut down your computer, abandon other plans and go to a place of natural beauty.  Go there now and be there.  That is all.

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101 Things to Blog About (episode 4 of 5)


61 Northern Irish accents feature many glorious triphthongs. eg ‘amayazing’.

62 Communication and communion; bridging the gaps between us.

63 My search for a unified blog topic.

64 The wonderfulness of Milton H. Erickson; a portrait.  Literally, a visual portrait!

65 My embrace of a multiplicitously topic’d blog.  An eclectic blog.

66 Wordification; the joys of inventing new words (by such methods as over-suffixification ad ridiculum).

67 A tantric interpretation on moneymaking.  Conscious awareness in overcoming greed resulting in wealth.

68 We are now on the very precipice of unknowing, balanced completely still on the exact pinpoint where the known and experienced merges with the unknown and never-experienced.

69 To see unknowing with one’s small eyes results in the greatest possible terror.  This terror springs open one’s big eyes, through which one cannot fear.

70 My telemarketing rap, entitled ‘I suck at telemarketing’.

71 A state I’ve been experiencing during my yoga practice wherein the body seems to lose its physicality.  I feel at once freed from the body and rooted in the body.

72 Vedanta vs Tantra; sitting with the paradox.  Truth lies in the sweetspot between two opposite philosophies.

73 One of my many abandoned career path plans: inventor!  Unveiling some of my patently silly unpatented inventions.

74 Experiments in poetic forms; 3 word haiku, haiku-limericks, recursive acronym haiku(?), etc.

75 A beginner’s guide to music theory, from the birth of sound to established traditions of utilising it.

76 Examining instances of asymmetry in the human body.

77 Observing the non-relativity of size; Gulliver’s Lilliputians would be able to pick up big blobs of water in their outstretched arms (and could very easily drown themselves whilst doing so if they’re not careful!)

78 In university, I was encouraged to develop my own opinions that I could argue in favour of.  I did this, insofar as I became critical of this over-emphasis of critical thinking, believing more in the value of being able to appreciate and utilise all possible points of view. But apparently this didn’t cut it and I was still marked in every assessment I did according to how well I towed the line in this principle that was disagreeable to me.

79 Using language to explain non-language and argument to argue for non-argument.

80 A. A. Milne and the deep logic of nonsense.

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101 Things to Blog About (episode 3 of 5)

More bloggables!

41 Stories from the phones;  Some of the funny things heard from households all around Ireland working as a telemarketer.

42 Transcripts of word-at-a-time stories.

43 Why parents should bring their kids to circus workshops!

44 Why people can get very disgruntled around suggestions of changing their diet.

45 A telemarketing skill; a how to guide on pronouncing names with curious spellings.

46 Surreal tales: W A Mozart on his first day of school.

47 Surreal tales: Jesus at the gym.

48 Surreal tales: Don van Vliet reincarnated as a raven.

49 Surreal tales: Beethoven reincarnated as a female pop singer.

50 Surreal tales: Buddha reincarnated as a bear wrestler.

51 Surreal tales: J.D. Salinger reincarnated as a nice person.

52 The joys of being a child.

53 The joys of being a stupid.

54 The joys of singing like a loony.

55 ‘Happiness is in the body’. Discuss.

56 Surreal tales: The Queen of England on stilts over her rose gardens, laughing.

57 Surreal tales: 700 butterflies all dreaming they are Chuang Tzu.

58 ‘The Beard to be Feared’ – my Nanowrimo novel; on writing a novel in a month.

59 Stregthen the base; On having been spiritually top-heavy.

60 Surreal tales: Justin Timberlake disappearing from the public eye for 15 years and coming back as a Zen master.

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101 Things to Blog About (episode 2 of 5)

20 more things that I would like to blog about!

21 Caution: the mundanity of office environments may induce mystic fervor and ecstatic hallucination.

22 A comicstrip of characters living in an inside-out world; a sphere of air with the earth surrounding on all sides.  It’s lit by fireflies!

23 Motivational-types like to talk about the state of ‘flow’, well what about the lesser discussed state of ‘non-flow’; when it’s just not happening and you’re really not feeling it!  Those who are successful in life are the ones willing to put up with this state for a long time before anything decent finally happens.

24 Part of my ‘On being a total square’ series: I think wild drunken parties should happen in the daytime.

25 Your difficulties are blessings: After over 20 years of regular nightmares I’ve finally worked out how to avoid them.  It involves rigorous self-discipline and purification, which has the side-effect of bringing me closer to God.

26 Your difficulties are blessings: If it weren’t for the extreme crappiness of most jobs, I reckon I would not be anywhere near as motivated to do something substantial, real and rewarding with my life.

27 Upon wondering what variety of possibly rather odd people might make up my blog’s target audience.

28 The many rooms of consciousness and opening your ears wide to listen for their access codes.

29 What is disagreement? And how can it result in a feeling of cosmic aloneness.

30 Nosis Open Source Intelligence Software (NOSIS) – the world’s next big idea, capable of doing for our minds what open source technology does for our computers.  You heard it here first!

31 Yogic principles – yamas, Ahimsa (non-violence); The other day I found myself raging a full-on battle on the futility of fighting.  Dear me.

32 Yogic principles – yamas, Satya (truthfulness); When I was 6 my teacher asked the class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?…and you can’t all be astronauts!” Circus performer has long been my astronaut.  It took a long time to be truthful about it.

33 Yogic principles – yamas, Asteya (non-stealing); “Hey it’s a free world man (…peace and love, etc)!” “In that case, how come I have to pay for you!?”

34 Yogic principles – yamas, Aparigraha – (non-attachment); If you don’t try to own me, you get to keep me…for now.  The bi-oscillating waves of my relationship being caused by this principle’s comings and goings.

35 Yogic principles – yamas, Brahmacharya (consciousness of sexual energy); a song of mine about sex and god.

36 Yogic principles – niyamas, Saucha (self-purification); I’m moving house next month.  A real purifying process.

37 Yogic principles – niyamas, Santosha (contentment); I was content as a child.  I believe I will be content again in old age.  In the meantime I’m too busy striving for Santosha. (But I’m ok with this)

38 Yogic principles – niyamas, Tapas (self-discipline); Breakfast at 5am, sleep again until 6am, up for yoga.  People think I’m mad.  But when I find a more elegant daily solution to knowing I’m alive and will die, I’ll follow that one.

39 Yogic principles – niyamas, Svadhyaya (self inquiry); I was a master jigsaw puzzler as a kid, always seeking puzzles with more and more pieces to solve.  I still continue this with all my disparate bits of self – new ones cropping up each day to solve and integrate into the whole.

40 Yogic principles – niyamas, Ishvara pranidhana (surrender to the Absolute); Resistance is futile. I can see the lightbeams streaming from your pineal gland already!

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101 Things to Blog About (episode 1 of 5)

Here are 101 topics that I would like to turn into blog posts if I had the time… or somebody paying me to do it 🙂

In no special order, these are the first 20:

1 How different life paths/ideals relate to different grammatical tenses.

2 Why you should cultivate a belief in more.

3 A new model of communication; express experience rather than opinion.

4 Yoga for the mind; increased mental flexibility allows you to reach any position, then return to centre.

5 Yoga for the mind; increased mental strength allows you to hold your centre while the world moves beneath and about and above you.

6 Personal Tales; On running away to join the circus in Belfast (and running back home on my hands).

7 Personal Tales; On running away to join a monastery in France (and meeting myself).

8 On seeing beauty; a how-to guide.

9 What are people’s levels of personal fulfilment in their work (with an opinion poll)?

10 Personal Aspirations; On running away to join an Ashram in India (and floating back home).

11 On “how strange it is to be anything at all” – the ‘holy shit I exist!!’ phenomenon.

12 The Tao of intelligence structures; schematic hook systems and emptiness.

13 “What am I going to do with my life?” “Live it, I hope!”

14 Singing to plants and making humms.

15 Excercise your voice – Sing like a crazed child!

16 How to know what you (or your kids!) really want to ‘do’ with your life and why the most unspeakable, seemingly over-ambitious aspiration that you dare not even consider is in most cases the best one by far to go for.

17 1001 possible things to blog about.

18 The mathematics of the movements of the moon (and my enjoyment thereof).

19 On being good to one another; If a chimpanzee has about 96% the same DNA as me, another human is practically me, just very very VERY slightly different!

20 A new model of communication; When someone speaks, hear what they mean, not what they say.


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Does the mind have little fingers?

and me! Life starts you off in the middle of a sentence – it’s a hypnotic technique, that has you take it for granted.  You get confused and unless you want to make a right mess of the whole thing you do best to just go along with it.  The tide is already moving.  It’s carrying you…oh,it is you.  The water can’t grow any extra limbs to swim against itself.

and Die Dreigroschenoper…and pots to clean!  These things are doing that weird thing that things sometimes do…existing, yes, that’s it.  How dare they?  They’re entitled, I suppose.  Ummm, dear stream of endless occurrence…(wait for response…none heard, continue regardless), could you be so kind as to go back to the start of the sentence for me?  You see, I learnt in school that sentences start with beginnings and big letters and not in the middle with things like ‘and’, so I was wondering if you could just rewind a little bit, and just show me what came before the ‘and’ and then just maybe I could get a bit of a grasp on all of this.  Possible?

and confusion, comes the non-response.  and the stream carries on.  and you dream of growing little fingers inside yourself with which to reach up and peer outside of your eyes and get to see what’s out there. and reach up to grab an overhanging branch, or angel’s wing, and pull yourself clean of this stream and bodiless in the thin air expand outward, bigger and wider, and being thinner than the air, expand to touch and permeate everything.  With your little dreamt fingers.  That get to tickle asteroid’s tails.  Get a breather from that endless stream.  Because you know who you are.  You know who you are.  You are all that.  You are all that you can ever dream up when you imagine all of the universe’s things inside and outside of yourself.

Be glad of your physical fingers – many animals don’t have them and have to grow and evolve into symbiosis with their environment.  We get to render our environment to our will at the pace of will.  In terms of speed, will is to growth as growth is to evolution.  It is evolution cubed.  Fingers created the concept of ‘will’.  But, will is an added layer of hypnotic confusion that can obscure your true nature.  The more complex something is, the less likely that it will all align elegantly with itself, but it is always possible, with any level of complexity.  Humans are very complex beings.  Each layer of complexity like another joint that must be aligned if the being is to stand straight upright.

We get so we can only move things, and ourselves, with fingers anymore.

In a mindful practice of yoga asanas, one can really be struck with the directness of muscular movements.  In a downward dog hands are flattened to the floor in front of the head, thus straightaway eliminating them as available tools for pushing the heels also toward the floor.  There is no more middle-man to action.  The self operates itself.  The mind is empty, the muscle is activated.  It activates itself.  By itself.  With itself.  That is the perception.  Direct.  As itself, alone, in a still sea of universe.

Exhale; you are that.

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